Locked Out Of Car? Here’s How You Can Handle It Like A Pro

locked out of carLocked Out of Car? Here’s How You Can Handle Car Lockout Like A Pro

Nobody likes getting locked out of their car. It feels infuriating and ruins your schedule for the rest of the day.

That’s why it’s essential to know a few tips & tricks to get back in your vehicle when this kind of thing happens. Here’s how you can handle car lockout like a pro.

Don’t Panic

Everybody gets locked out of car at some point in their lives. The best thing you can do when this happens is to take a deep breath and inhale for 3 seconds, then exhale for 3 seconds. Repeat as long as you’d like. Once you are calm, reassess the situation and decide whether you want to DIY (do-it-yourself) or call a locksmith for help.

Check if any of the Doors Are Still Open

You may still be panicking and forgot that one of your doors is still open. Or maybe the trunk is open and you can get into your car through the back seat.

Look For A Spare Key

this step is often overlooked and could easily get you back in your car. Check your pockets to see if you have a spare key lying around, or ask your passenger friend if they have a copy of your key.

Use a Coat hanger to Open a Post Lock

If you are unable to get in from these steps, find an abandoned coat hanger in the bushes nearby. Twist it into a ‘V’ shape and slide it between the weather strips above the window. Next, try to wiggle it around until you can grab the post lock. Once you’ve gotten a hold of the lock, gently pull it up and the car door should open.

Use A Wedge and A Long Piece of Plastic

This is a great way to get back into your car if you locked your keys inside. You simply use a wedge to create an opening in the door. Then, take a piece of plastic with some paper on the bend and slide it in between the door frame. After that, grab the lock and pull it up to unlock the door.

Call A Locksmith

If your issue is a bit too difficult to resolve on your own, you can always call a local locksmith to help you out in a pinch. They can be at your location in 20 minutes or less, and can be reached 24/7 regardless of the weather.

While being locked out is super frustrating, the good news is that it doesn’t have to be. There are professionals out there who will assist you at all hours of the day when you need it most. Are you still locked out of car? Not to worry- Locksmith Altadena has technicians on standby 24 hours a day to help you get back to your day fast. Contact us at (626) 493-2296 and get support immediately!

How To Install a Deadbolt Lock in Six Easy Steps

deadbolt locksHow To Install a Deadbolt Lock in Six Easy Steps (626) 493-2296

A deadbolt lock makes a door exceptionally resistant to entry without the correct key.

This is what makes deadbolts the most requested type of lock when installing or upgrading your homes or business security.

Here are six easy steps you can take to install a deadbolt lock for your house or office door.

  1. First, ensure the alignment of your deadbolt and slide the new deadbolt into the 1-inch hole on the door edge. Then attach the faceplate with screws.
  2. Put the deadbolt in a retracted position to install the thumb turn. If your deadbolt has an electronic keypad, install it now, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Position any cables over the physical deadbolt and connect on the other side.
  3. Install the mounting plate on the inside of the door. During this phase, if installing an electronic keypad, you want to complete any electronic connections, such as cables or batteries.
  4. Begin to install the screws on the deadbolt plate and the turn assembly. For electronic keypads, install the screws and tuck the battery and cables behind the main piece. Then attach the thumb turn.
  5. If your lock contains a dust box, install it now by placing the box in the jamb hole and securing it with screws. A dust box provides additional security against kick-in door damage.
  6. Attach the strike with screws. Then, close the door and use the thumb turn to verify that the deadbolt fully extends. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure the lock mechanism locks and opens easily. For electronic keypads, your hardware installation is now complete. However, you will need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions if you want to program it to the keyboard.

Lock Cylinder Options

Please note that, when it comes to deadbolts, you have a couple of options.

A single-cylinder deadbolt is solely operated with a key from the outside and with a turn button on the inside, and a double-cylinder deadbolt is operated with a key on both the inside and outside.

Double-cylinder deadbolts can pose a danger during an emergency if the key is missing or not readily available

Hire a Certified Locksmith

Installing a deadbolt may seem challenging to the layman. Therefore, hiring a certified locksmith is best when installing new locks to ensure they function correctly (open and lock smoothly) and to ensure they are secure. If the deadbolt is not installed properly, it may malfunction during a critical moment and leave you vulnerable to harm or threat.

Please do not leave your loved ones or your belongings susceptible to harm. Call Locksmith Altadena for a quote today, we offer service 24 hours 7 days a week. Your safety is our priority.

Why Businesses Need Commercial Locksmiths

commercial locksmithsWhy are Commercial Locksmiths So Important to Businesses?

Wondering why commercial locksmiths are important to businesses and the economy at large? Imagine if criminals broke into your business and left with all your stocks and valuable belongings like business records.

This is a major blow no serious business person wants to face because it doesn’t just leave your business financially devastated. It could affect your employees too as you might not have enough cash flow to service next month’s salary.

For this reason, business owners and managers need to work together to ensure the business is well secured. This is where a commercial locksmith comes in. Their services are very important and beneficial to the business and property owners as a whole. In this article, we feature some of the functions of a commercial locksmith that benefit businesses and companies alike.

  1. Securing Your Information and Assets

Commercial locksmiths ensure your business is well protected using a number of different approaches. They can install advanced online security and monitoring systems on your premises, if necessary. These online security systems include window and door sensors, installing CCTV security cameras, motion detectors, and also adding an intercom system.

  1. Rekeying Existing Locks When Employees Leave the Office

As a business grows, many things will change. Part of the changes include experiencing high employee turnover. As personnel leave your office and new ones come in, it’s important you ensure that your business properties remain secure.

Therefore, you will want to have a policy that states that whenever an employee leaves and a new one comes in, a commercial locksmith changes the locks to your offices to ensure that  business documents and other intellectual properties stay safe.

  1. Installing High Security Locks

Another important security measure to consider is installing high security locks. These are very effective locks that will safeguard your business and your home. Additionally, getting High Security Locks can protect your business against lock picking situations and other potentially dangerous criminal activities.

A commercial locksmith can inspect your property and advise you on the places where you need to install the high security locks.

  1. Repairing Damaged Locks

If you find that someone has damaged your locks, you could lose out on important business opportunities. For example, let’s say that you are experiencing difficulties unlocking or locking your business premises. This could be an early warning that the lock might get jammed one day and lead to a lockout incident.

It follows that, in the case of a lockout, you might end up losing business because of the jammed locks. Therefore, it is always recommended to know a commercial locksmith who can ensure the locks are functioning as they should.

  1. Business Safes and Cabinet Locks

Commercial locksmiths will also help to ensure that your business valuables and records are locked in a highly secure safe. And that your documents are locked up tight in filing cabinets. Therefore, the next time you are thinking of a place to store business valuables, think of having secure lockable cabinets in your business.

These are some of the reasons why you should consider hiring a commercial locksmith. Are you looking for the best commercial locksmith in Altadena? Contact us today for the best services.

Locksmith Altadena (626) 493-2296

Why Invest in a Home Security System with Remote Access

remote home security system (626) 493-2296Why Invest in a Home Security System with Remote Access

A remote home security system is a great deterrent for burglary and theft in your neighborhood. It will make criminals think twice about entering through your front door and greatly increase the chance to catch them if they happen to slip through the back door or the garage. Undoubtedly, it is a large investment for your house that can’t be ignored if you want to feel safe in your area.

In this article, we will show you why investing in your own Remote Home Security System is the way to go to feel more secure and safe in your neighborhood. Here are some reasons why Remote Home Security options are a winning buy in the battle for the best Home Security System in town.

It Helps Curb Crime

Think about it, if you were a criminal and you see a camera in somebody’s driveway, wouldn’t you be less inclined to approach the house already? It only makes sense and is a main reason why security cameras can deter crime in any neighborhood. The more overt your security measures are, the less likely you will experience a home invasion. Therefore, installing cameras on your premises helps keep thieves from sneaking up to your front door when your family is at work. It also allows you to monitor all sorts of suspicious activity and makes you more aware of your own neighborhood.

Allows Remote Access to your Home

Imagine being able to let your friends or family enter your house to watch your pets while you’re on a business trip halfway across the country. This is now a reality as you can watch what is going on in your home from work or school by simply tapping a button on your phone. You can also schedule the thermostat, lights and door locks to operate at certain times so you can stop worrying and enjoy your trip.

Protects Your Belongings

I can’t think of a better way to protect your possessions than putting eyes in the sky. For a small investment, you can protect your entire home and watch it all from the comfort of your desk. The system will even alert the authorities automatically if someone does attempt to break in.

Helps Keep Tabs on Pets and Children

Keep track of your kids, cats and/or dogs through your security provider’s mobile app from work or school. These apps can even notify you when the babysitter comes and can let him/her in with the simple push of a button.

Great Savings on Homeowner’s Insurance

A surprising benefit of owning a security system is that you can actually get a discount on your premium through certain participating insurance programs. The discount, on average, is about 20 percent for a home equipped with an alarm system.

Encourages Better Energy Management

Another awesome benefit to having a security system is the fact that you can control essential home systems anywhere from your app or phone. You’re able to control the thermostat or the lights if your energy bill’s been soaring this month. Controlling your lights can even be a great burglar deterrent since you can make your house look alive even if you’re not physically there.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the security camera’s features (e.g. does it have pan, zoom, tilt, taking shutter photos etc.)?

Knowing the security camera’s features before you decide on a system will help you make a much more informed decision. For example, if the camera has a zoom feature, then it can get fine details on a thief that broke into your home without any sign of forced entry. You can then send these detailed photos to police which could possibly incriminate him and get him caught.

What is your budget?

Your budget dictates the size and scope of your security system. And it depends on what features you prefer the most. Are you interested in having more cameras on your property or stronger, more secure locks for your doors? Make sure to plan these things out before you decide on a system that’s right for you.

Key Takeaway

Undoubtedly, a remote home security system will deter burglary and theft in your neighborhood. It protects your belongings, saves energy, and helps you keep a close eye on things at home at all times. We have no doubt that your investment will pay off in the long run, and are here to help you every step of the way. Contact Locksmith Altadena today and get a free estimate over the phone for a system that works for you.