Evolution of the locks with the years

The history and evolution of the locks go a long way. A simple mechanical device that can be opened by a key serves the huge purpose of securing the valuables and premises.Locksmith Altadena

The History

Some of the milestones in the history of the locks are discussed below-

  • Tracing its origin in the ancient Egyptian era, locks are almost 4000 years ago old where the use of the wooden locks was much prevalent
  • Ancient Egypt’s most influential architectural developments has seen the use of the tumbler locks, which was later evolved and adapted as the smart locks with sleek designs
  • The famous Gordian knot locking system was built by the ancient Greek peasant Gordius in 4th century BC
  • Later in the 18th century, Joseph Bramah invented the most sophisticated locks named by Bramah safety locks that were very difficult to pick
  • In the 19th century, the Yale locking system was invented by Linus Yale
  • In the 21st century, Kwik Set Smart key locks were introduced by Walt Strader which is based on the smart technology where within few seconds the key can be reset using an unlocking key and a metal piece

Modern lock system

The modern lock system is an integral part of the safety of any residential or commercial space. A qualified and certified locksmith Altadena offers can serve the following purpose using the modern and smart lock system-

  • Commercial and business lockouts and rekeying
  • Residential lockouts and rekeying
  • Auto lockouts, high tech auto keys copies, and remotes
  • New keys or copies of your current key
  • Deadbolt lock Installation

Advantages of using Modern and smart lock systems

Choosing the experienced and reliable locksmith Altadena in nearby area can offer the following advantages-

  • Expertise: Qualified Locksmith service provider’s expertise in offering solutions for a range of lockout issues and other specialized services using the most advanced key cutting techniques can be crucial for the safety of your house
  • Convenient services: A professional and qualified locksmith Altadena service provider offers prompt and efficient services for any kind of locking needs.

Using the most advanced smart lock techniques, a certified locksmith in a nearby area can  help in emergency situations as well and offer the convenience of 24/7 locksmith services.


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